There Is Nothing Sexier Than A Man Who…


There is nothing sexier for a woman than a man: the sides and the aspects, the edges and the angles. And there’s nothing that can make a woman’s heart and flesh tremble more than an unshakable, unyielding core that can be sensed through all these layers and facets.

This is an ode to men.

There is nothing more appealing than a smart man. But the man who possesses both mental and physical strength is irresistible. A man who can fight with his bare hands as fiercely and determined as with his words. A man whose strength embodies both self-possession of a warrior and a paternal love. Who is capable of killing in order to protect his family, and who can hold a child with all his love and tenderness.

There is nothing more spellbinding than a sight of a man who is concentrated on the screen of his MacBook and you know there is a magic going on at the moment when his thoughts and ideas are digitizing on that screen. And there is nothing more breathtaking than a brilliant man who drops his mental work, goes outside and chops wood. A man who can build a house as well as create a successful company with his own hands.

There is nothing more seductive than a man who can keep it classy at a fancy party at night and go for a hike in the jungles next morning with only a T-shirt, a box of matches and a knife in his backpack. And there’s no other option for him but to survive in any circumstances. A man who will come back home with scratches and bruises, a couple of new wrinkles, skin exhausted by the hot sun with new unshakable humble power and the sense of knowing in his eyes. A man whose embrace feels like a shelter, whose body’s warmth conveys security and certainty, and you instantly feel: “I trust you.”

There is nothing more compelling than a man who’s arsenal consists of a gun loaded with knowledge, bombs filled with pure explosive humor, nuclear missiles made of brain cells and a sharp knife forged from wit and logic. And there is nothing more heartwarming than a man who at times can lay down his arms and be silly and childish.

There is nothing more tempting than a man who fixed his eyes on his woman while she dances for him and the entire world just doesn’t exist for him at that moment. A man who declares his love to a woman and takes his pride in her, who accepts and loves both her virtues and her flaws. A man who appreciates the beauty of other women but finds his strength in loyalty to the one he chose.

There is nothing more enchanting than a man who knows his strengths and unveils them with what he does rather than what he says. A man who is aware of his flaws, who isn’t afraid to make mistakes, admits them and takes full responsibility for the consequences. Who shows the world his real face with the sense of dignity even if it’s not that pretty according to societal expectations and established norms, and who gives others permission to do the same.

There is nothing more desirable than a man who knows the limits, respects the boundaries and patiently, gently yet persistently makes a woman surrender and expand her boundaries to let him in. Just him. A man who treats his woman like a noble lady during the day and fiercely ravishes her as a woman of easy virtue at night. A man who is generous with words as he understands the never-dying need of a woman to be nourished with words of love and appreciation, but who at the same time goes beyond eloquence and actually does things and honors his feelings to a woman with deeds.

There is nothing more beautiful than a man who can embrace both animalistic side of him and the spiritual divine aspect of his being, who embraces the darkness of the world and unconditionally loves the light of the higher power.

There is nothing more precious than a man who can feel into his woman, every cell of her being, every insecurity she has, every imperfection of her body. Who gives her a space to be a loving woman, silly girl, nurturing mother, seductive slut and a creative artist. A man who can love his woman for hours and opens her emotionally one step at a moment despite her resistance. As he knows that although this resistance is real, every woman yearns for it to be cracked under the pressure of all-consuming masculine love.

There is nothing that can make a woman’s heart beat faster than a Sailor. Not the one wearing a stripped tank top, smoking a pipe and eating canned spinach every 5 minutes but the one who can deal with a storm called Woman. Who loves her when she is at her worst, who allows her to be emotional, cry, scream, roar, be mad and unreasonable, who can hold himself at these moments of Nature’s madness. The one who is calm and solid when his woman is breaking down into pieces, grabs her, looks her in the eye and embraces her with his presence, confidence and power. Who is like a sailor conquering the sea. Who knows there is no better reward than a warm soothing soft touch of the water after the storm.

There is nothing more attractive than a man who knows who he is, what he wants and stays true to himself. A man of integrity, dignity, high standards and moral principles. A man committed to himself, his life mission, his woman, his family, his tribe and his values. A man who keeps himself accountable to what he says and whose actions speak louder than his words. A man who gets what he wants but lets things go with gratitude when they are not part of his journey anymore.

There is nothing sexier for a woman than a man with unshakable confident grounded loving power that she feels like willingly extending her hands to be handcuffed while keeping her back straight and her head up with dignity.

There is nothing sexier than the man.

Image credits goes to my freaking talented friend ‘with hipster blend’ Mate Valtr.

by Alla Berdnikova




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